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AIRpipe's Story

AIRpipe meets the Digital World

AIRpipe is a provider of superior performing compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas piping systems. AIRpipe is advancing the compressed air and inert gas industry with aluminum piping solutions; engineered for long-term reliability, improved productivity, and environmental sustainability, and all while reducing operating costs. Engaging worldwide in the compressed air industry since 1997, AIRpipe has over 10 years’ of experience that includes more than 12,000 satisfied customers with 20,000 worldwide projects installing 42,000 kilometers of pipe in 21 countries. With the growing success of AIRpipe, the company now manufactures their own aluminum pipe and fittings for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas piping systems. All AIRpipe manufactured aluminum piping and fittings are backed by a 10-year quality guarantee.

Tech 1 Peripherals Role

While AIRpipe dominates in Aluminum Pipe world wide for pneumatics they came to Tech 1 Peripherals to help them take their success to the digital landscape. We rebuilt their main website as well as built them a new site for their distribution of Parker products to start. Content creation and Google AdWords help to strengthen the success of both platforms creating a successful campaign.

Building a Quality Foundation for Growth

AIRpipe Home Page

Spreading the word about AIRpipe Aluminum Pipe

When people think about pipe they tend to think of two types, steel or PVC. Did you know there is another option? Aluminum pipe is that option, and unlike it’s competitors it doesn’t rust like steel and won’t bust or corrode like PVC. Creating content around products that AIRpipe sells became our go to means for building the organic strength of the main AIRpipe site.

The Challenge of Google AdWords

No matter your industry you have competition, however, not many industries have limited competition when you sell a product as niche as AIRpipe’s Aluminum Pipe as there are only a few other distributors in the world.

Our goal with AIRpipe is to bring in leads by showing that AIRpipe is beyond an ordinary distributor and has the capability to not only sell pipe and fittings but also render installation services across the country.