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Arizona State Urology's Story

The Urology Specialist of the Valley

Since 1996, Dr. Howard Tay has had the honor and privilege to provide general urological care to the people in Phoenix and Scottsdale. In 2016, Dr Tay decided to open his own practice in the West Valley.

Tech 1 Peripherals Role

While Dr. Tay and his practice are constantly tending to their patients they needed a website solution that would fulfill their needs and be low maintenance enough that they could focus on what matters, their patients. To aid Dr. Tay we at Tech 1 Peripherals had the honor of building a website for the Urologist who was titled Top Doc in Phoenix along with multiple other awards. The aim of our website was to create a unique user experience that fit with Dr. Tay’s style while also giving visitors and patients all of the information they may need to make informed decisions.

Building a Quality Foundation for Growth