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Building AZ Wealth Creation

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Building financial stability and long term wealth is the business Ken Lindow C.P.A. has conducted for 40 years. AZ Wealth Creation is a firm set up specifically for investment opportunities mainly in self-directed 401(k) and self-directed IRA. Mr. Lindow recognizing the change in business marketing knew that he needed to find a means of securing his company’s long term growth.

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With AZ Wealth Creation, Ken came to us at Tech 1 Peripherals for help building a website that could reach the potential clients looking for his services. Being new to the digital landscape and in need of a new logo for his company we started with a reimagining of his logo. After completion of the new logo we set out to create a new website and help him with paid advertising to promote his website.

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The reimagined AZ Wealth Creation Logo

Competition for wealth management online

AZ Wealth Creation, while being a locally based company is not alone in it’s endeavor to help other reach long term financial stability and wealth. Companies such as TD Ameritrade, Wells Fargo and Chase all deal in the same services that AZ Wealth Creation does.

For this reason, we have to take an approach that not not only speaks to the services that the potential client is looking for but so much more. We needed to show potential clients that a firm like AZ Wealth Creation is in their best interest and truly drive home the importance of trusting AZ Wealth Creation with this financial nest egg.