Project Description





Bug Guardian's Story

Helping Bug Guardian Grow Their Online Exposure

Bug Guardian Pest Prevention is a family run company offering pest control and pest prevention services in the Phoenix metro area. It has been this way since company founder and owner Tom Taylor started Bug Guardian. However, Tom like many savvy business owners sees that the digital space is the place to be to compete against his competitors and grow his business.

Tech 1 Peripherals Role

Our role for Bug Guardian was to start with an update of their website. This update was focused around allowing the site to work on new technology for a mobile age. At the same time we strengthen the brand focus of Bug Guardian as a family run business that offers top quality service from trained professionals at an affordable price. Through this focus we were then able to create blog content and Google AdWords campaigns to continue the online growth of Bug Guardian.

Building a Quality Foundation for Growth

The Bug Blog

There is one area of digital marketing that is tried and true, it’s one that we at Tech 1 Peripherals perform and stand behind and that is content marketing. The easiest means of content marketing is a websites blog. Everyone knows about the pests that creep and crawl around their home. With the Bug Guardian blog people can learn more about the pests that reside on their area. While this great content allows for readers to learn, it further strengthens the organic SEO rankings with search engines.

Attain Leads Through Google AdWords

Through the use of text based ads in Google Search, Tech 1 Peripherals has created campaigns directed around keywords and phrases commonly searched for by customers of Bug Guardian.Using the keywords we bring high value visitors to Bug Guardian landing pages that provide them with the information they are looking for while the pages lead them to converting into a sales opportunity for Bug Guardian.