Project Description





Insignia's Story

Our Journey to Creating a New Company

Insignia was started in 2013 by Tobin and Carol Routh with the mission to server their clients with high quality¬†of service paired with a high quality Point of Sale system called Clover. Fast forward to 2015 and Insignia has agents across the country with thousands of clients that they service. Still holding true to their standards of high quality of service paired with the high quality Clover POS which itself has grown from it’s own beginnings.

Tech 1 Peripherals Role

Our role for Insignia was to help build themselves starting with their logo to their website and content created on their site. A continuing effort that we have worked on with Insignia for two years now.

Building a Quality Foundation for Growth

Beginning with a Logo

Followed Closely with a Website

Content Creation to Strengthen the Insignia Brand

A logo and website act as the face of Insignia but the true heart and sole lies in the content created for the website. With weekly posts aimed at educating visitors