Project Description





Paywise Solution's Story

Our Journey to Building a Merchant Services Company

Founded by Rene Gurrola, PayWise Solutions is a sister company of Insignia Payment Solutions. Rene brings his many years or knowledge and success in the Merchant Services industry to his new business. He came to Tech 1 Peripherals looking for someone to help him launch his business’s online presence.

Tech 1 Peripherals Role

Our role for PayWise Solutions was divided into 3 steps.

Step one create a logo that would help to be the branding point and face of PayWise.

Step two we would need to create an online face for Rene’s new business. One that would not only speak to Merchant Services but also to his Point of Sale System of choice, Clover.

Step three was to create ads and landing pages for PayWise’s Google AdWords campaigns. These ads are meant to speak to the services and Clover system. While encouraging visitors to submit an application so that PayWise could help them process their payments without overpaying in processing fees.

Building a Quality Foundation for Growth

The Trusted PayWise Logo

Creating a the Online Presence

Marketing Services

In today’s world it is not enough to simply build a website and expect people to find your site. Especially in industries where business owners are looking for the best service, to give them exactly what they need, at a price that doesn’t hurt the books.

Google AdWords is the perfect tool for anyone looking to have their product or service viewed first when people are using the popular search engine. through the use of well placed ads targeting industry specific keywords and terms PayWise is able to receive quality leads for businesses looking to use their services or POS systems such as Clover.