Small Business Digital Marketing Pricing

Digital marketing is an industry always in flux requiring you to constantly make changes to the way you market your brand to the droves of customers available just a click away. With Tech 1 Peripherals, we offer a vast array of digital marketing options to help your business achieve success on the internet. Success geared not for short term gain but long term gain with continued growth of your company’s brand. Take a look at our available services and send us your information for a free SEO site assessment.

Primary Package Components

The internet is constantly evolving, don’t allow your website to fall behind. Affordable, clean, responsive and SEO optimized websites are within reach.

With Tech 1 Peripherals Web Design/ Development services we start at the core of your online marketing efforts, your website. Creating a functional and attractive website is merely the first step to attaining online success.

Site SEO Fix -OR- Site Update*

Under $2,000

Fix the errors from the SEO report provided

  • Minor design adjustments
  • Minor Site Page additions
  • New responsive theme

Creation of a New Website*

Under $3,500

SEO optimized

  • Up to 8 pages with multiple sub-pages
  • New theme
  • Mobile Responsive

Secondary Add-ons:

Under $2,000

New theme and transfer to existing website $300**

E-commerce website and shopping cart set up –

  • 10-20 quantity products – $700
  • 21-75 quantity products – $900
  • 76+ quantity products – $1200

*Client supplies copy/content for website. Stock images extra
**New theme and transfer only available for websites currently built in WordPress

To attain new traffic and convert new customers ad campaigns become an essential tool in any marketing campaign. Utilizing the Google AdSense Network, Tech 1 Peripherals brings new reach to your company’s online presence by targeting the your competition and the keywords prevalent to your products and industry.

  • Industry keyword analysis
  • Keyword price fluctuation management – guarantees best keywords usage to maximize campaign budget and clicks
  • Monthly Analysis Report
    • Campaign performance overview
    • Keyword analysis
    • Keyword Adjustments
    • Website Traffic Analysis

Build out an advertising campaign based on budget below – Set up $400.

Google Adwords Pricing Structure

Ad Campaign Budget Ad Campaign Management
Up to $1,500 $500
$1,500-$3,000 $600
$3,000-$5,000 $800
$5,000-$7,500 $1,250
Over $7,500 Contact Us For A Quote

*Can add additional Area’s for increased exposure/effectiveness as needed

*Cost per click extra and based on industry and market price

Don’t lose your voice in the Social Media space amongst your competition. Stay in touch with your customers and potential customers in a way that shows your customers that you are dedicated to gaining their trust and business and continuing that relationship far past the point of sale.

Daily to every other day posting of content, sales material, blogs, images, news, etc to selected social media platforms

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Yelp

Customer engagement/response included

Review management (For Facebook, Google, BBB and Other social media outlets excluding Yelp! as Yelp! Reviews cannot be managed. Yelp! does not give that functionality)

Social Media Marketing Pricing

$200 page set up (if needed) and $200/Month to manage

$75 to update pages if needed. Additional platforms $75/each (Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others)

SEO revolves greatly original quality content, which places a greater importance on blogging. Blogging also provides new original content for business social media outlets and email marketing newsletters and campaigns.

  • We compile articles and news trending in your industry and create an original blog from that information. 300-600 words
  • Mobile optimized so your connection can read your blogs from their phone
  • Always includes a call to action
  • Links to related articles on the site
  • Great for improving the bounce rate of your website (the long a visitor stays the better for your SEO)
  • Educate your customers
  • Discuss industry changes and show how you’re the expert!

Blog Pricing

Blog Frequence Cost for Blogging
Once a Week $800
Twice a Week $1600

Don’t lose touch with your customers between sales cycles. With Email Marketing from Tech 1 Peripherals keep touch with past and present customers to keep your company on their minds.

If you are looking to send monthly newsletters or updates on sales and special promotions Tech 1 Peripherals can build out campaigns targeted at your customers with your goals in mind.

  • Weekly to Bi-weekly promotional ad emails
  • Monthly promotional ad emails
  • Monthly newsletter customized to your company and content
  • Bi-Weekly newsletters customized to your company and content
    • Define metrics to measure the success
    • Creation of emails
    • Management of contacts
    • Campaign Analysis

Email Marketing Pricing

Service Description Pricing
Setup Email Campaigns & Import Contacts $150
Creation of Email $50 /each

Ex. Monthly promotional email and a monthly newsletter = 2 emails a month = $100/month

A company’s logo is the first part of your brand that a customer sees and with it your logo should be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate. Tech 1 Peripherals looks to do just all of that and more when designing company logos.

Contact us for details on logo design pricing.

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