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Just like your car your computer needs a tune-up and regular maintenance to keep it running at optimal performance. After our technicians have finished working on your computer you won’t believe it’s the same old computer! Your system will work like it did the day it was brand new!

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A computer outage or trusted device such as your cellphone acting up puts a crimp in your work day, don’t let that happen. Tech 1 P is your one stop for comprehensive diagnostic & repair for your computers and related devices. If your computer or device has a problem give us a call and we’ll fix it.

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Your business requires your full attention and not the frustration and time required to set up a new device. Leave the setup & installation of new devices to our trained experts. Which means you have the time needed to complete your work or sit back & relax.

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The security of your business and it’s information should always be paramount, however, sometimes viruses do find their way onto your computers. When a computer virus infection occurs have a Tech 1 P expert take care of removing the virus and optimizing your security infrastructure.

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