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Visual design that emerges from a brand identity that is deeply rooted in your company’s core values will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition.

At Tech 1 Peripherals, we promote your products and services with the best in visual communication through pristine logo design, infographics, and presentation design that can help your company grow.

What is a brand?

The message your organization carries deep inside of its DNA. Your brand is a unique declaration of your core values and brand personality that’s emotive and vital. It’s deeper than what you do or what you charge – it’s who you are and what you mean to your clients.

In a sea of competition, what makes you different?
How do you draw in the right customer?
What emotional connection can you make with your clientele?
How do you build customer loyalty?
As your business grows, how to do plan to keep true to your original reputation?

The answer to all of these questions points to a strong brand identity.

What is a logo?

A logo is a visual mark that represents your organization’s brand. It combines all the entities and emotions of your brand into a single representation. Due to its visual simplicity, every shape and every line has profound impact on the feeling it evokes.

Our Graphic Design Process

Our varying experience across multiple industries has taught us how to build brands with designs that have true impact. Whether you need a design for a logo, digital ad, or website, we take great pride in our work and spend a tremendous amount of time on every detail of your design to bring you the absolute best product possible.

To ensure a quality product, we have a process that takes us from start to finish giving you exactly what you are looking for.

Consultation: We start from the initial meeting with you to identify your needs. From here our team of experienced graphics designers begins to formulate a strategy for your graphics design project.

Compositions: The consultation provides a framework of your objectives and preferences combined with your brand to form your graphic design product. Through this back and forth dialogue, our team creates initial design concepts.

Review: Our initial concepts are collected and sent to you. We walk you through our logic behind each design version. In this period we identify which solution is best for your business, and continue refining the solution based on your feedback.

Final Product: Once a final direction is decided, we comb through every detail of your design to ensure its integrity. In this final step, we make sure we are satisfying all of your goals and giving you a truly exception design.

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